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SONG: Purple Roses by Hex Nebula


From the Full Length album “The Pink Hole”

Absence in the shadow dissolved
The name you picked will never resolve
Purple Roses for the pieces of your soul
that have been cut out
Purple Roses for potential
that will never know the name
Purple roses, just forget it (TRY ANOTHER CHORD)

Raw passenger clutches at the docket
Wiping his snotnose after pistol whipping you
You slip him a note that says the deed is done
He nods and smiles via satisfaction
Purple roses to negate the action
purple roses the color when the bruise is ripe
Your passion partly devoured you
Weary of lies you are transmitting home
Tie your hair up in a dainty girly bun
Your hands are rotating with naught to hold
Purple roses the color when the bruise is ripe

roses dry agony powder into desiccated dust
Spare purple roses
Like your eyes which dimmed with vacuum lust
Smell the cut grass and bumble bees
maybe you’ll forget her shadow

Purple roses to negate the useless shifter
Purple roses cry in nurseries
Purple roses dry in rhapsodies
Purple roses I know your name

Bus DDTMilklithin (Guitar), CW Cobalt (Lyrics, Vocals)

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