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SONG: Oklahoma 1914 by the Flat Astronauts


From the Full Length album “Polar Valentine”

I was born in Oklahoma 1914. I left my pumpkin by the tractor machine. I used to cut my grass with knives in my pants. It didn’t last as long as the longest spin. Oklahoma 1915, a dustbowl vision of unbridled dreams. I didn’t pick my honey. She really picked me in Oklahoma, 1953. She wore a cowboy hat. I was wearing spats. We ate a wedding cake, then we shook down to the cakewalk bake. Oklahoma, 1914. Scissor tail watcher be finale of seem. I couldn’t cut the week with forks in the wind. The twister relay is exciting the band. Didn’t want to know…didn’t want to know her…but I had to get to know her blood and vision. Oklahoma 1914, the twister tore flesh off my arm. In Oklahoma 1914, I ordered brides from a dark magazine. corralled in my dream. Dusty faces grind my coupon machine in Oklahoma. Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma 1914. Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma 1914. Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma 1914.

Beel Hamilton (Lead Guitar), Bus DDTMilklithin (Bass, Harmonica, guitar), Alec Haavik (Sax, flute, trombone, keys), CW Cobalt (Lyrics, Vocals), Lord Claudius von Vile Silencer (piano), Aib (Drums), Greg Stare (Drums)

Junkroom Studios, Westbeth Building NYC

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