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SONG: Connecticut by Hex Nebula


From the Full Length album “The Pink Hole”

Commuter suit on the Norwalk Train
Riding with the slaves dressed in multigrain
Wrapped up in weak data metaphors
Calculated handshakes and spectator sports
Mechanical fake blank faces in line
One hundred meetings to analyze time
It’s too old and rich and stale in this place
Good BYE Connecticut I hate your face

I met a grey lady in the bagel aisle
Witch with the hard patience of a crocodile
She said hey boy that’s too much cream cheese
I’ve been waiting on line for five minutes
if you please
Condescending mouth should be mashed in fat
Her cake ratty face crushed transparently flat
rotted old money monkey mold pissing in pants
Pearl strangulation financial mansion recants
Good bye Connecticut ,oh rot dead in cash
Connecticut your net worth is flooding my path

Air gets so suffocating
When you’re suppressing fear and perspirating
Locked in elevators full of robotic tans
Use your business cards to cut off your fucking hands

I bought a train ticket; escape to Queens
Attended a bash in an apartment scene
There were lots of wicked people there listening to tunes
the Minutemen, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Uma Dune
They said when you going play anything live again?
I said next month I’m finally nearing the end
Lying through a dozen songs, I’m fucked in the back

Failing to create

Fat engagement ring the size of your soul
Corporate heart dissolving within viscous black holes
You piss your pants over the car that you drive
The cubicle drowns your fake artichoke eyes
Embracing your inner receptacle fear
Tax your weakening will in a sepulcher dear
Oh will you let me leave this state this year?
Will you let me leave Connecticut??

Lord Claudius (Keyboards, Bass), Savage Peckman (Bass Clarinet), Commodore Tusk (Drums), CW Cobalt (Lyrics, Vocals)

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