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SONG: Barometric Love by the Flat Astronauts


From the Full Length album “Barometric Love”

I’m feeling dirty baby, ’cause the pressure’s rising.
My baby came to me with a mirrored light.
She bent on over and I switched on the red light.
She was my shining knight in armor. She taste delicious and she make the pressure go up.
Barometric Love, Barometric Love
The pressure get higher. Barometric Love.
Better wipe your mirror. I got the gloss.
My fine little sheba has found what she lost.
It was a ring to take you to another dimension.
It was a ring, It was a ring with Barometric Love. Barometric Love.
Watch my temperature rise.
I watch the dial spin, I watch it spin in a circle.
Into the red zone, it’s a pressure gauge.
With Barometric Love. Barometric Love. Barometric Love. Barometric Love.
Now give it to me soft. Softer. Softer. Softer
You got skin like cotton; I feel it between my fingers,
and it’s just a little fuzzy. Cause I got my love. Got my love.
It is so sweet. And the pressure goes up and the dials in the red zone.
I got that pressure going up in the red zone.
She’s in the mirror with Barometric Love.
You can’t have me without the cotton.
Let me dress your wound, let me tie you up, let me put a band aid on your cut. If you shove me tightly, Barometric Love,
You’ll be in fear like a dab of pressure.
Barometric Love. Barometric Love. Barometric Love. Barometric Love. Barometric Love.

Beel Hamilton (Lead Guitar), Bus DDTMilklithin (Bass, Harmonica, guitar), Alec Haavik (Sax, flute, trombone, keys), CW Cobalt (Lyrics, Vocals), Hamm Hexagon (Trumpet), Greg Stare (Drums)

Junkroom Studios, Westbeth Building NYC

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