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POEM: Caffinated Burch


          Steady as she goes,
          Mr. Burch,
          consistency is your solid
          state. Cracking ice
          cream, chattering spooooon
          against the bowl.

CLANK, you are striding
down Willow with
the Mod Squad.

     When the television is off,
     crackles may startle. Is some
     thing moving in the room?

          You fear not, for you
          know heated
          tubes rattle when cooling. It’s

     scientific philosophy and that’s
     why you will never sport an Afro,
     smooth head Mr. Burch,
     you calmly adjust apertures,
     shyly constraining

A monotone bleach of voice
calms the nation state of
urban kitchens. The couch lies
in the living room. The chair broken,
before it’s pushed out. Today you
obtain torso utensils you
will gingerly balance
bereaved of bowl.

          It is not sadness that alights
          your eyes, barely moving, Mr. Burch, but
          washcloth event. Moist consistency is your
          solid state.

Violins strain, but you do not, folding
your hands, not fiddling, unless it is
to reach bodiless forms
reflected in convex spoons.

                Steady as she goes,
                Mr. Burch, your projection bends
                as you turn it, banderly your head
                elongates famously fine.

         Did you just escape? For
         you are speaking to me separately,
         deliberately, and your voice is
         calm and distant. Smiling.
         Your television is


You are not really in the Mod Squad, it
isn’t even on TV. You are too busy cranking
Polaroids in the back. You
quietly submerge your hands. Emulsion
smell in fingernail wafts as
you stuff tofu. It doesn’t bother
you, static Mr. Burch.

          Pass the butter controller please, the
          movements you make while in total stillness are
          remote and minute. Hard to notice looking straight






     During the confunction of the Earth, during
     the immersion of the film,
     the mess, while explaining quantum physics
     and baseball cards, fixations
     and stamps. Matter of fact, you
     brandish a telescope, your
     eye twitches and you


Struggle with appliances,
the sudden outburst defines finesse.

Welcome back, Caffeinated Burch.

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