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POEM: The Pill


1965 : leggy mod girls with their long blonde hair
get the pill
with amusement

of the pill
a frontier they were more than happy to daringly breach
a pill
after the pill
three quarters of American women
have used
the condom and the diaphragm
but the pill
to pull
women the pill
many perceive it
off the pill
on the pill
did the pill
the little pink pill

evoking genitals
the sticky sexual act

stubble headed “officials and clergymen”
(Let alone hardware)
many women in puritanical America
the new pill
a veritable horse pill
after the pill
an Ivy League professor
pharmacists and doctors
prescribe the pill

1972: give contraceptives to single people
make the buzz
demand for pill
especially the pill
an advanced practice nurse from New Brunswick New Jersey
got the pill
doctor, she might have hesitated
a perverse but powerful social message
commission all the more reprehensible
better to be surprised by passion
a terrifying illegal abortion
too shy for the pill

go on the pill
she hid the packet in her sock on visits home to Texas
an affluent suburban high school
go on the pill
that the pill

1995: man’s freedom to remain blissfully ignorant
bloating, weight gain and bad skin
effect of pill
switch to another formulation
25 pills
7 pills
on the pill
against the pill
trade offs and value judgments
organized protests and congressional hearings
about the pill
include the pill
today’s pills
in the pill
the multiphase pill
take the pill
about the pill
about the pill
the pill
without a pill
got the pill
take care of pill

after her first experiences of lovemaking, life went on.

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