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POEM: You Fucken Smell


You fucken smell,
and stars fall from your mouth like masticated drool.
You fucken smell
and your odor is a metaphor for the stench of living flesh,
AKA the stench of death,
roll and roll and arm and crotch.

You fucken smell,
and my nostrils burn at the smell of your site, half-baked
burnt basted cake face.
Blink word artistic blithering blotch and
you’ll miss the blast but you won’t miss the sting.

The sting of the stench of
And you stick it to me stinky stinky
human zombie pin doll cushion, word bag crotch,
embroidered word bag crotch metaphor
unwiped sphincter smelly ass ugh ugh metaphors
dirty words, curses, expletives,
vulgar perfumeless poet

Use your spray tool to ward off the smell of the word,
sentence and thrash.
That’s why you fucken
you fucken smell, chief,
chief princess or whatever
false title and misnomer
false preposition, article, false, false, false

Coordinate the stink of your olfactory pronunciation,
education, education, education,
puerile infant wordsmith bitch
You cannot control your speech, nor can you control
the pattern of perception of you or the person sitting next to you.

She/ He or it will not respond to your Sapir-Worf stimulus.
Let us get our olfactory measuring stick to control
her old boyfriend Bill, from whom she hid in a cornfield to avoid.
A conversation that would have ended in face destruction.

Reminding me of Age 16 (Fucken Smell Con’t)
Your fucken smell and other bizarre incidents
Egg Ass, you are the one who binds me in paragraphs.

Don’t indent
You fucken
You fucken smell
suspend your punctuation and belief. Steam and seem and steam and beam.
Silence your sick ridden metaphors.
Stink. Odoriferous, odoriferous, odoriferous.
End of Fucken Smell.

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