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I’m C.W Cobalt. Welcome to Radio Cobalt where I’ll post and celebrate all the projects I’ve worked on through the years.

I am the first person to travel backwards through time, thanks to the scientific magic of Doc Tombstone’s Time Emulsion, which he discovered when we were friends in college at the Concrete Time Institute.   After we graduated, Doc founded the House of Anachronism, a science congress consisting of 12 Time Senators who would preside over the use of Time Emulsion. I was honored to serve as a Time Senator for eight years.    

The Senators of the House of Anachronism

While defending our existence in time from a variety of supervillians, I recorded 432 songs as the poet and lead singer of multiple bands, including: the Tombstone Teeth, the El Maximo Quartet, and Hex Nebula. 

After 8 years served in the House of Anachronism, I was catapulted 1000 years into the future by an evil foe, where in the year 3000, I joined the Flat Astronauts as a time advisor.

The FLat Astronauts circa year 3001

After stopping an intergalactic war, I was sent back in time to the present day. Here, in semi-retirement, I have secluded myself in the suburbs, content to share my stories with the world. Radio Cobalt will be hosting stories of my exploits, augmented by songs, art and poems from the Radio Cobalt vault.

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